Walk of Fame

Here are my real stars, those families that have opened their homes and hearts to our pets.  Thanks to all of you! 


owner, Julie Gall



owner, Amy Butts


Master Jack

owner, Barbara Kantor 



owner, Barb Cohen


Seppe (again)

owner, Barb Cohen 


Maurice & Munky

owner, Melissa Ochwat 


Brandee & The Pom Police

owners, Mike & Shawn Kirkpatrick 


Baby Jazz

owners, Rich & Sandee Voedisch 


Smoochypoo & Justan

owner, Justan  

Snuggles (aka Baby)
owner, Bruce, Adam, and Kim

Baby (again)
owner, Bruce, Adam, and Kim

Baby's helping.
The Weaver,
who else would tear out their carpet because the cat was allergic?  Thanks for giving him such a wonderful home.